By Apostles Craig & Colette Toach

A Prophetic Type - The Samuel

Craig & Colette Toach
Spiritual Parents & Apostles
Apostolic Movement International

For far too long there has been confusion in the body of Christ. So many are trying to do what the Lord has called them too, yet the results they thought would happen, did not come out like they hoped! Yet, the Lord had the glory and the people were blessed, but you were left back on the dusty road heading to the next point.

You have cried out "Lord where is my place, where do I belong?"

Well, the Lord has answered with this awesome word from Apostle Colette, that I know is going to bless you!

Samuel - the Prophet in Office and Appointer of Kings

My Word is sure and sets clear patterns and guidelines and you have yet to understand the fullness of prophetic office that Samuel represents. The anointer of kings and one that establishes and makes ready. Yet he in himself was not able to complete the picture. He could not lead on his own and so needed a king to help him!

He and David working together is a good picture of how prophet and apostle should work together. Samuel is no small figure in my Word and indeed the model for prophets to follow. Rejected, training begun in childhood, yet called as a judge and a leader. An appointer of kings! One that moved from place to place to declare my will.

He was not as Elijah and Elisha who remained in one place, but rather did a circuit and moved around, being made available to my people. A true picture of a prophet in office. One that moves around and declares my word. Yet Samuel did not leave anyone in his place after he was gone. He did not start a school and he did not establish a foundation that remained. 

Once he left, the kingship moved over to the kings and in many ways, Samuel prepared the way for the kings, much like John the Baptist did for me. He put things in place for the kings to rule. He prayed, he set the structure and he sent out the decrees, yet he would never take the throne!

And so he is a perfect picture of the authority and leadership of the prophet in office that is called to prepare the way for the apostolic move. For there are many in my church that are not ready for the apostolic. I am sending them my prophets - my secret agents into their midst. They go and they prophesy and they prepare my people for what is to come! 

One that is moved from one church to another, to do nothing but to prepare the hearts of the people and to appoint the king when it is indeed time! So see then that I have already raised up many such prophets in office. Men and women of authority who have worked in the background and also stepped forward into the pulpit. I send them on secret missions to meet specific people at specific times - just like I sent Samuel to meet David at the time I said. Just like I led him to meet Saul at the time that I deemed.

Do you see them now - even in your midst? These are the ones that happen on a "chance meeting" just in time to give a word of encouragement, decree or instruction from me. Then they are gone once again.

And so I use my Samuels already all over my Church. They do not stay here or there, but they move around. I send them to specific churches for specific times and for a specific purpose - to prepare them for the apostolic move. To make sure that the church is ready for the appointment of the king!

Yet this does come with a price. A price of never belonging, just as Samuel never belonged. It is a price of investing and then having to step aside when the decree is sent and the Apostle is put into place. A place if decreasing so that the new leadership can increase.

Yet you have already seen so many of these without realizing it! Those that I sent to churches for times and seasons and when my spirit moved - removed them to another church! This is the fire in them and they are indeed the backbone of the prophetic move in my church. Those mighty warriors who are prepared to pay the price when no one else will. My mighty men and women who receive the reward from me, because they are not afraid to let go of what they want and what they need and of what they desire in order to see my Kingdom glorified.

They are indeed a pearl in my hand and just as a word did not fall to the ground that Samuel spoke, so do I bless my Samuels with my anointing and favor. For they pay a price that not many are willing to pay. As they humble themselves, I will raise them up. As they are cast aside, I will vindicate them and as they seek me, I will answer them on behalf of my people.

So look and see that they are already all around you - everywhere you look. Lift them up and encourage them so that they might indeed find their place, says the Lord.

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