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By Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

Pastors & Prophets Workshop

100 Seats. October 19 - 21, 2018

Wild Wild West, CA

Meet us in our Home & Ministry Center

CAUTION: Wild West and Cowboy Country

PINK House to Your Left!


Workshop Registration: $75

Registration closes at 100 seats.

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Apostles Craig and Colette Toach


Ministry Center Life - Come On In...

Join us in Descanso, California at the AMI Head Quarters - Home to 13 of the AMI Team and Training Center to God's warriors.

Discover "center life" up close and personal as you meet the team and discover the unconventional life style of Apostle's Craig and Colette's apostolic team. By the end of the workshop, you would have found a place to belong and a family to call yours.

Whats the Hot Topic for this Workshop?

Prophets and Pastors Workshop

It's all about the ultimate, but often, infamous team - prophet and pastor!

It is time these two rivals sit at the negotiation table and allow their strengths to cover each-other’s weaknesses, with the best ambassadors a team can get, Apostles Craig and Colette Toach..

You see, pastors and prophets have always seem to have this love/hate relationship. The prophet walks into the church, sees everything that is wrong or needs to change and then tends to be very… open, and verbal about it.

On the opposite end, the pastor sees this prophet walk in, start talking badly about the baby God has given them to carry and upsetting the system they have purposefully put in place to bring order and peace to the congregation.

Often this ends in the prophet getting kicked out of church! However, what they both do not realize is that God has given them eyes to see the opposite side of the same coin. He wants them to work together because they are the ultimate dream team that will establish the patterns God wants to build, not only in that one church, but also the church universal.

Between the two of the them they will be able to build a church that will:

- set the captives free
- build a firm foundation in the hearts and minds of God's people
- teach them a face-to-face relationship with Jesus
- help them find a place they can belong and grow into the mighty warriors God has called them to be

So, come join us as Apostles Craig and Colette bring the two rivals together, to form the ultimate dream team.


Venue & Dates


Descanso, California (Outskirt of San Diego, CA)

Ministry Center Address given upon Registration

Phone: 760 466 7679 (9am - 5pm, PST, Monday - Friday)


October 19 - 21, 2018

Meeting Times:

October 19:
6pm meeting

October 20:
10am meeting
6pm meeting

October 21:
10am meeting ***(Attendence is Optional) - On this day, we will be having our Class of 2018 Graduation for AMI Graduates around the world. This is a momentous occasion that you are welcome to attened at no extra cost. It entails a graduation ceremony, speakers and fellowship.




Airport & Hotels

Nearest Airport:

SAN San Diego International Airport (40 minutes from venue)

Some Suggestions on Hotel and Lodging:

Ayres Lodge (Closest Hotel - 10 minutes from venue)

For more details, click here:

Phone Number: (619) 445-5800

Nearest Cities: El Cajon and Santee (These are the nearest cities to our Ministry Center - you are welcome to find hotels there to fit every kind of budget)


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U.S. Phone Number: 760 466 7679 (9am - 5pm, PST, Monday - Friday)

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Pastors and prophets have always had a love/hate relationship. Come join us as Apostles Craig and Colette bring the two rivals together to form the ultimate dream team.

Discover "center life" up close and personal as you meet the team and discover their unconventional lifestyle.

The Prophetic Field Guide Series

Birthing, decreeing, releasing, appointing kings, prophets are always on the cutting edge, moving in line with the will of God - bringing heaven to earth!

Get your hands on this series and take your prophetic call to the next level!

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