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School Lectures For Prophetic Course 1 - Prophetic Foundation

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1. Signs of Prophetic Calling

“Many are called, few are chosen.” You know you are called to BE a prophet, but now you need to be able to identify it in others as well as yourself.

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2. Identifying God's call throughout your life.

Whether you know it or not, God has been arranging the circumstances in your life since the very beginning to prepare you and train you for the call that you have.

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3. The Prophetic Purpose

The purpose of what you are called to do is very specific and it is more than just interpreting dreams and giving prophetic words.

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4. The Prophet using faith, hope and love.

As a prophet, you are a child after God’s own heart. Because of this, you must learn to use your greatest weapons - faith, hope, and love.

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5. The Prophet's function in the church.

Yes, you are actually meant to work in the church but you need to learn how to function in it correctly.

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6. The 9 Gifts of the Spirit

You have many tools at your disposal. It is time to discover what they are and how to use them to further the kingdom of God.

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7. Body and Leadership Ministries.

The gifts manifest themselves when God says they are needed. You must identify when that is so that you understand what God is wanting you to do or to say.

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8. The manifestation of the Gifts

The gifts manifest themselves when God says they are needed. You must identify when that is so that you understand what God is wanting you to do or to say.

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9.The Purpose for the Gifts

So we know that you can flow in the gifts of the spirit, but what are they there for? Well, if you are going to use them and teach others how to use them, you should understand their purpose.

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10. Prophetic Utterance. When to Speak.

Knowing when to speak is vital to your job as a prophet. Speak too soon and they may not get the point God is trying to make. Speak too late and you would have missed your time of visitation.

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11. Prophetic Decree. How to speak.

It is all about the “tone”. Depending on how you speak what God has given you to say will depend on the power and the authority you speak with.

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12. How to Listen.

As much as you know how to speak what God is saying, it is important to also know how to listen to the Lord to receive those words you need to speak out.

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